EarBombz By MultiSonus Audio

Posted: December 13, 2011 in earbombz, headsets, in-ear headsets, in-ear monitors, MultiSonus Audio, Uncategorized

We recently picked up a pair of A-Bombz in-ear monitors by EarBombz and tested them for several hours.

Hear is what we found.

Scale is 1-10. (1) being the worst.  (10) being the best.

Sound Quality: 10

These in-ear monitors freaking rock! We compared the A-Bombz to the Shure SE215’s. We actually found the A-Bombz to have much more low end response. Overall a much fuller sound.

Noise Isolation: 10

These units come with 3 different sized tips, S,M,L.  The medium sized tips that come out of the box actually worked perfect for me. However, every ear is different and one should evaluate each sized tip to ensure they find the correct tip that works best for them. The proper seal will make a huge difference in the quality of the sound being played.


Again, in comparison to our control the ( SE215), $12.95 for the A-Bombz compared to $99.00 for the SE215’s is a no brainer. I would take this a step further and say these EarBombz in-ear monitors are on par if not better than my Diddy Beats.

We Give These an A+.

This picture is property os multisonus audio. For more information got to http://www.multisonusaudio.com


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